Clinical Research "is research on human beings aimed at maintaining fundamental respect for the personality and integrity of each individual, of which the end result is the improvement of human health."

This research constitutes a most important link between basic research and health care. It is, in fact, an essential platform when it comes to perfecting new diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative strategies. It studies the human being, as apposed to basic research, which is performed on cell samples or on animals. The goal of clinical research is to increase our knowledge of diseases, investigative methods and treatments.

There are several types of clinical research, some of which are performed on patients and others on healthy subjects: clinical trials for treatment, medical devices, surgeries, new medications, epidemiological research, genetic research, case studies, research through databases or tissue samples, etc.

Clinical research has been one the CHUM Research Centre’s main activities since its creation in 1996.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials of medications, phases, the pros and cons, the rights of “subjects”, the necessity.

Scientific and ethics committees

At the CHUM, all research projects that involve human subjects must be approved before they can begin. 

Documents and forms

Forms, attestations, certificates and others documents for clinical research. (In French)