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Bioinformatics is a relatively new, growing field of expertise. It often comes to mind when we need to handle data from genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics or other new technologies that generate massive amounts of data that can take months to analyze. Bioinformaticians are not only necessary in these situations, but they are also essential for helping research teams with a plethora of applications involving many lighter and unexpected tasks.

A bioinformatician is an automations specialist in biological data processing. When long hours or repetitive tasks are required to analyze biological, clinical, genetic or statistical data, these activities can and should be automated. With the knowledge that your team is precious to your research, long and monotonous tasks can be automated and standardized to increase productivity in other areas that require thought and planning.  Our mission is to provide research teams with custom solutions adapted to their needs.


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Technical supervisor: François Harvey
Bioinformatician : François Marois-Blanchet

514 890-8000 ext 31437


Process automation
Support for bioinformatics software
Large data analysis
High performance computing
Databases admin
Project consultation
Database WWW interface
REDCap Online data collection system 

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