Niveau de confinement 3

Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3)

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The CHUM Research Centre’s Biosafety level 3 (BSL3) core facility allows research teams to carry out studies on infectious diseases and safely handle certain biosafety level 3 pathogens. 

Our facilities include eight cell culture rooms dedicated to different research programs.  

Each room is equipped with two biological safety cabinets, incubators and work and storage spaces.

We also have a room for confocal microscopy work as well as a cytometry room for cell sorting.

Our equipment and manipulation protocols comply with the requirements of the Public Health Agency of Canada and ensure user safety while preventing the spread of pathogens within the laboratories and the environment. 


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Technical supervisor : Olfa Debbeche, Ph. D.
Scientific manager : Nicolas Chomont, Ph. D.
514 890-8000 ext 


1 Inverted confocal microscope
1 Cell sorting cytofluorometer FACS Aria IIIu 
18 Safety biological hood
1 Ultracentrifuge
Long-term storage facility

Training and logistical support provided by platform supervisors.

Equipment guide


Available on request