Cytometry, Cell Imaging and Molecular Pathology

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Cytometry, Cell Imaging and Molecular Pathology

The CHUM Research Centre’s cytometry, cell imaging and molecular pathology 
core facility offers a full array of services for multi-parameter cellular analysis.

By combining all our services, research teams can get a very complete analysis of their samples at a single location.

For example, they will be able to use advanced microscopes to look at cells isolated by flow cytometry and placed in culture or have the slides of these cells digitized.

We also offer our help in analyzing results and images.

A single sample can also be divided and prepared in several ways to allow complementary cellular analyses, whether with cells in suspension, tissue sections or cells fixed on slides.

The cytometry and cell imaging laboratories have state-of-the-art equipment meeting Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) requirements.