Early clinical research unit (ECRU)

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Early clinical research unit

CRCHUM ECRU is a clinical core facility, which enables researchers and their team to conduct research projects requiring participant surveillance for few hours up to a couple of days.

The facility includes:

4 beds placed in isolated rooms with individual bathroom; 
11 stretchers placed in separated cubicles.

Every room/cubicle is equipped with a multifunction informatics station providing access to the patient's electronic medical record and any other administrative research or clinical application.

Each nursing station is equipped with a telephone and 2 computers with screen and printer as well as a secure space to store confidential documents.

The unit is also equipped with a level 1 containment laboratory with refrigerated centrifuge and biological safety cabinet. To store samples, freezers at -20°C and at -80°C are available on the same floor.

Our services are available to researchers from universities, hospitals and for projects in partnership with the industry.


For internal client, please fill out the form available on the Intranet.

Technical manager:
Lucie Fuzeau, B.Sc. inf.
514 890-8000, extension 14785


Apart from standard medical equipment, the ECRU currently has the following equipment:

  • 1 automated pharmacy cabinet;
  • 2 care trolleys; 
  • 2 trolleys for blood tests; 
  • 3 portable oto-ophtalmoscopes ; 
  • 5 portable electrocardiograms; 
  • 2 weigh scales; 
  • 8 telemetry systems connected to the hospital intensive care unit;
  • 8 cardiorespiratory monitors connected to the intensive care unit of the hospital; 
  • 6 multi-parameter monitors for heart rate, blood pressure, saturometry of oxygen and temperature; 
  • 11 electronic syringe pumps;
  • 19 displacement pumps (including 9 triple and 10 simple); 
  • 1 glucometer (linked to the patient’s electronic medical file); 
  • 4 synchronized clocks

Training and logistics support are offered by ECRU staff.

Our equipment respect the Clinical research standard requirements. 


Prices are available on demand.