Experimental Imaging

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Experimental Imaging

Combining biomedical engineering and medical expertise, the CHUM Research Centre’s experimental imaging core facility offers high-tech medical imaging equipment and services dedicated entirely to human and animal research.

We also use the ultra-modern clinical research facilities and those of the animal core facility (surgery and shelter for animals).

Our equipment includes a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI) and an ARTIS angiography system.

We also have a Cone Beam CT made by the company SiTech, as well as several ultrasonic echography systems (listed below). 


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Technical supervisor : Louise Allard, Ph. D.
Scientific manager : Jacques De Guise, ing., Ph. D.

514 890-8000 ext 24705


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 3 Tesla (Skyra 3T - Siemens)
Angiography (Artis Q - Siemens)
ConeBeam CT (NewTom 5G  - SiTech)
Fibroscan (KNS Canada)

Ultrasound echography
Sonix touch - Ultrasonix
Terason ultrasound system
Vivid Q - General Electric
Vevo 770 - Visualsonics
V1 System 64 and 128 channels- Verasonics
Aixplorer - Supersonix Imaging

Other small equipment


Magnetic resonance imaging
Maxillo-facial imaging

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