Scientific Writing

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Scientific Writing

Robert Day in his famous book, “How to write and publish a scientific paper”, says that “A scientific experiment, no matter how spectacular the results, is not completed until the results are published”. This in fact is the cornerstone of philosophy of science and also an essential requirement for the practice of science, and for getting public and/or private funding to sustain in the field of science. Successful writing is an integrated part of science, as it is an essential tool to market the results of experiments (in the form of a publication), and the newly generated ideas for getting necessary funding to continue the process! Thus, having a good idea fulfils only half of the grant application’s requirements and the other half is how you sell your idea and convince the ‘grant giving agency’. 

Grant/ paper writing takes enormous effort and time and often investigators feel that they could better spend that time ‘thinking’ about new ideas or analyzing the obtained data, etc. With several years of experience in successful grant writing (industry and governmental agencies), and in publishing scientific papers, the core facility can help in grant and paper writing, in terms of better organization and presentation of your ideas and optimal expression of your thoughts.


Responsible: S.R.Murthy Madiraju, Ph.D.
514-890-8000, ext. 23610


  • Correcting/ improving grant applications and manuscripts
  • Direct grant/ manuscript writing help
  • Giving ideas to include translational approaches
  • Identify any weak points and to provide potential solutions
  • Student fellowship applications
  • Industry-related & drug discovery projects/ patents

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Levels of service 

A. Only editing to identify weak points.
B. Editing to improve presentation, grammar and syntax.
C. More extensive editing, and suggestions to improve content (ex. translational approach).
D. Help to write new documents.

(Time needed depends on the requested service)


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