Cardiovascular Phenotyping

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Cardiovascular Phenotyping

The CHUM Research Centre’s cardiovascular phenotyping laboratory specializes in analyzing the cardiovascular system of rodents.

Among our cutting-edge equipment are a SkyScan micro-CT scanner, an ART Optix MX2 optical imaging system and an EchoMRI nuclear magnetic resonance system.

Our expertise allows us to offer many rodent in vivo services, notably in the following areas:

  • imaging
  • telemetry for cardiovascular and metabolic evaluation
  • surgery (surgery for implanting telemetry probes, ischemia and catheterization).

Metabolic cages are also available to measure various physiological parameters. 


For any service or submission request, please fill out the electronic form.

Technical supervisor: Junzheng Peng, M.D., Ph.D.
Scientific manager: Julie L. Lavoie, Ph.D.
514 890-8000 ext 31416



Skyscan 1176 (Bruker microCT)
ART Optix MX2 (Advanced Research Technologies)
EchoMRI Analyzer-700 (EchoMRI)
Telemetry (Data sciences International - PA-C10, PA-C40, PA-C50, TA-F10)
Metabolic cages (Harvard Apparatus - 52-6715, 52-6731)


Telemetry for systemic arterial pressure, heart rate, activity and temperature
Assessing body composition by non-invasive quantitative magnetic resonance (EchoMRI700)
Visualization of endogenous cellular and molecular fluorescence process (ART Optix MX2)
Measuring the total intake of food and water and collecting urine and faeces rodents (metabolic cages)
Surgery for rats and mice: implantation of telemetric sensors, model of ischemia / reperfusion UUO kidney, catheterixzation of the jugular vein for systemic medication injection and catheterization of the carotid artery.
Data and image analysis

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