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The Metabolic Diseases Innovative Solutions (MeDIS) is a cluster of six CRCHUM core facilities designed to facilitate and accelerate research and activities in the field of metabolic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

The MeDIS provides collaborative R&D services to our industrial partners assisted by the expertise of CRCHUM researchers specialized in the field of metabolic diseases. In partnership with academic and industrial institutions,  MeDIS also develops new tools such as biomarkers and provides assay services for these diseases. MeDIS offers a wide range of services from analyzing samples to solutions for complete, comprehensive R&D programs. MeDIS is structured to make academic / industrial collaborations efficient and trouble-free.  Many members of the MeDIS have worked for industry and thus, we fully understand the needs and goals of industrial partners. Also, we have a proven track report of interactions with pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries.


Be a dedicated, customer focused partner of choice for the pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology industry in the development and implementation of their R&D programs on metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by offering key expertise and a complete range of assays and methods.


MeDIS's mission is to provide key R&D services by helping its partners and clients to rapidly advance their studies and programs on metabolic diseases by actively harnessing the expertise and skills of renown CRCHUM investigators and researchers, as well as state of the art technology platforms. The MeDIS is therefore a unique gateway, opening the way for our partners to a wide range of services offered by the core facilities and the expertise of CRCHUM researchers.

MeDIS's core facilities


Currently, the MeDIS brings together the following six core facilities:

This core facility specializes in the detection and quantification of metabolites and key biomarkers for metabolic diseases using mass spectrometry. Our team has already developed methods for the quantification of a wide range of water-soluble metabolites and lipids from cell, biopsy, tissue and plasma samples.

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This core facility offers unique expertise in the quantification by mass spectrometry of xenobiotics and drugs, for clinical and pre-clinical studies in pharmacokinetics and tissue & cellular absorptions.

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The cellular physiology laboratory specializes in ELISA and AlphaLISA quantitation of analytes, hormones, cytokines, and other molecules, present in plasma / serum samples, as well as in tissues using immunohistochemistry. The core facility also has a SeaHorse analyzer for glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration, and a high-throughput cell imaging instrument (the PerkinElmer Operetta) to quantify cellular phenotypic changes. The core can also offer custom development for  ELISA, AlphaLISA and HTRF tests for new targets for  screening or development of biomarkers.

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This core faciliy offers a unique range of services in Canada for the study of glucose and energy metabolism in rodents not only performing routine  tolerance tests (glucose, lipids, pyruvate, insulin), metabolic cages, but moreover exceptional expertise to perform highly informative  hyperglycaemic & hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamps. 

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Expertise in the core allows for multiple in vivo rodent services, including cardiac imaging, telemetry and various types of surgery. The core relies on a number of state-of-the-art instruments such as a SkyScan micro-CT scanner, an optical Optix MX2 ART imaging system and an EchoMRI NMR system, as well as access to hi-tech labs for telemetry.

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The core facility includes a wide range of equipment for the study of behavior in rats and mice, thus assessing, among other things, learning ability, anxiety & stress level, exploratory behavior, coordination spatial and recognition memory, and many more. 

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In addition to the core facilities that make up the MeDIS, the group also provides easy access to the 10 other CRCHUM cores that can support industry partnership services and projects.

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