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 Vincent Poitout

October 23, 2017


I am pleased to present you the second edition of the Interconnexions newsletter for all our academic, industry and institutional partners.

The CHUM Research Centre (CRCHUM) is not only a leading organization in the field of health research, but also a pioneer in the development of innovative solutions.

The opening of the new hospital this fall will facilitate communication and research collaborations to advance knowledge for the benefit of patients and the population at large. Going forward, near 10,000 clinicians, researchers, students, health professionals and countless collaborators will be together in a single place: a real health innovation campus in the city centre.

To achieve our mission of improving adult health thanks to a high-quality academic research continuum, we need you. We must maintain and establish new collaborations that reach beyond the hospital’s walls. In an ever-accelerating research environment in which expertise is becoming increasingly overspecialized and fragmented, the key to successfully generating discoveries lies in strong, complementary partnerships. The commitment of our partners from the academic, biopharmaceutical, technological, governmental and philanthropic fields, not to mention that of patients and citizens, inspires us to forge creative solutions to improve the health of all.

This newsletter is a tool for sharing our accomplishments in this regard. We encourage you to continue the conversation.

In closing, we invite you to participate in the CRCHUM’s 8th Scientific Day as well as the CHUM Research Centre’s CONNEXION 2017 cocktail reception that will be held on October 26, 2017.

We will have an opportunity to discuss advances in research and business opportunities in the life sciences in the company of Andrew Z. Fire, the recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

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Vincent Poitout
Director of the CRCHUM