$7.6M awarded to CRCHUM scientists from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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May 18, 2017

CRCHUM scientists received 13 new Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grants in the last Project Grant competition, the results of which were announced on May 15th.

10 full grants and 3 bridge funds were awarded, for a total of $7,609,574.

"I congratulate all the researchers who were successful in this last competition. Our success rate illustrates our competitiveness and the relevance of our initiatives to advance health research," said Vincent Poitout, Director of CRCHUM and Director of Research at the CHUM.

Nationally, CIHR has provided 475 research grants and 121 bridge funds for an investment of approximately $359 million. The average grant size/duration is approximately $729,467 over 4.4 years.

Funded Recipients and Projects (10)

Thierry Alquier
Gliopeptidic regulation of hypothalamic neuronal circuitry by endozepines and energy balance

Petronela Ancuta
Exploring the role of the circadian clock in regulating HIV replication and viral reservoir reactivation in Th17 cells

Adriana Di Polo
Tau: a novel target to prevent early neuronal dysfunction and death in glaucoma.

Greg FitzHarris
What is the cause of chromosome segregation error in the mammalian preimplantation embryo?

Stephanie Fulton
Targeting alpha-beta-hydrolase domain 6 in the neural control of body weight, reward and mood

Daniel Kaufmann
Single-cell characterization of viral transcription- and translation-competent HIV and SIV reservoirs

Gareth E Lim
Targeting molecular scaffolds for the treatment of obesity and metabolic disease

Vincent Poitout
HB-EGF as a central regulator of pancreatic beta-cell proliferation

Vincent Poitout
Role and therapeutic potential of RGS16 in pancreatic beta cells

Alexandre Prat
A transgenic mouse model of multiple sclerosis offers new ways to identify mechanisms of progression and novel therapies

Bridge grant recipients and projects (3)

Emmanuelle Brochiero
K+ channels as key targets to favor alveolar epithelial integrity and function during the resolution of acute respiratory distress syndrome

Alexandre Prat
Integrin alpha8 is a novel mediator of pro-inflammatory T lymphocyte migration across the CNS barriers

Shao-Ling Zhang
Maternal Diabetes Induces Perinatal Programming of Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease: Role Of Hedgehog Interacting Protein (Hhip)

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