Core Facilities and Services Round-Table Meeting

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November 23, 2017
Core Facilities team

The CRCHUM’s core facilities and services teams held their first annual Round-Table Meeting on November 9th. It was attended by some 60 technical managers, scientists and employees working in the core facilities and services, including the animal facility and the Institutional Animal Protection Committee (CIPA). 

This meeting allowed three representatives of our core facilities to present their services and specific activities. A representative from the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (MCRI), Manon Valiquette, came to present their core facilities and business model, in order to share and discuss the different ways of operating.

This event also allowed us to become better acquainted with the services and expertise of the Bureau de la valorisation et des ententes de recherche (BVER). A presentation by Juliana Lanza, a research contract manager at the CRCHUM, and Agnès Coquet, the director of business development at Univalor, provided basic introductory information on contracts and intellectual property (e.g., patents) that could result from the activities of the core facilities. The day also included a discussion period in the form of a round-table session, where everyone was invited to participate on key themes such as employee retention and our work environment. This first day dedicated to the development of the core facilities and services was a success and will be held again next year. 

The CRCHUM has 13 state-of-the-art core facilities and services.


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