Pavel Hamet Receives the Bâtisseur Award

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November 8, 2017
Pavel Hamet

The executive team of the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) is proud to present the Bâtisseur Award to Dr. Pavel Hamet, a physician and researcher emeritus who founded and directed the research centre from 1996 to 2006.

This prestigious award was presented to him during an official ceremony held on November 8th

“Dr. Pavel Hamet laid the foundation for our research centre. Without his determination and courage, the CRCHUM would not be a world-class centre in the field of health research today. He also set himself apart through his research on diabetes, high blood pressure and precision medicine. For all his outstanding contributions, it’s an honor to present him with the Bâtisseur Award,” declared Dr. Vincent Poitout, Director of the CRCHUM and Director of Research at the CHUM.

A regular researcher, Head of the Genetic Medicine Department at the CHUM and a professor of medicine at the Université de Montréal, Dr. Pavel Hamet also holds the Canada Research Chair in Predictive Genomics. 

Dr. Hamet was the first director of the CRCHUM, created during the official opening of the CHUM on October 1, 1996. He held this position for 10 years, contributing significantly to infrastructure acquisition and research development. 

He has had a prolific scientific career for 50 years, with over 575 publications to his name. He has made many important contributions, including defining the role of cGMP as second messenger in the signal transduction of several hormones, improving the treatment of high blood pressure in Canada and contributing to diabetes research. 

A pioneer in gene medicine in Quebec, he continues to work on the development and implementation of personalized medicine in order to prevent and treat people with high blood pressure and diabetes, chronic diseases that remain a public health threat. In particular, he is currently working on developing a diagnostic test to prevent the vascular complications of diabetes. 

The Bâtisseur Award pays tribute to a CRCHUM researcher for their contribution to the development of the Research Centre. After Dr. Jacques Turgeon in January 2015, Dr. Pavel Hamet is the second person to receive this award.

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Dr. Pavel Hamet holds the Canada Research Chair in Predictive Genomics, is a researcher at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM), and is Head of the Genetic Medicine Department, a member of the Endocrinology Department and the director of the Ecogenomic Platform for Complex Diseases at the CHUM. He is a full professor of medicine at the Université de Montréal, an adjunct professor in the Division of Experimental Medicine at McGill University and a visiting professor at the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. He has authored over 600 publications. A member of numerous associations, he is the president of the International Society of Pathophysiology and sits on many boards of directors, including that of the Société Francophone du Diabète. He is a member of the Quebec Commission on Ethics in Science and Technology and the chief scientific officer of Medpharmgene. 

He has received many honorary distinctions including the Wilder-Penfield Award (2001), the International Okamoto Award from Japan’s Vascular Disease Research Foundation (2008), the grade of Officer of the Order of Quebec (2008), and the Roger Assan Award from the Société Francophone du Diabète (2012). In 2013, he received the Excellence in Research Award from the CHUM Research Centre in recognition of his career-long achievements. 


Photo: Vincent Poitout, director of the CRCHUM, Dr Pavel Hamet, Fabrice Brunet, CEO of the CHUM, and François Madore, director of the Department of medicine at the Université de Montréal.