Daniel Drucker

Reproducible translational research - A highway paved with potholes and pitfalls

October 10, 2017
On October 13, 2017, the CRCHUM Conferences invites Dan Drucker, MD, Senior Scientist, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital. His talk will about the complexity of methodological, technical and ethical issues contributing to lack of reproducibility.
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Éric Renaud with his cap

Connected for the fight against brain cancer

October 3, 2017
A cap that sends electric fields to the brain to treat cancer? This innovative technology is being successfully tested by a few patients in a study at the University of Montreal Hospital Centre (CHUM). Dr. David Roberge, a radiation oncologist and researcher at the CHUM, is conducting a clinical study in order to evaluate the impact of this device on extending the life of patients with neurological cancer.
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Aaron D. Gitler

Simple model systems provide insight into mechanisms of human neurodegenerative diseases

September 29, 2017
On October 6, 2017, the CRCHUM Conferences invites Aaron D. Gitler, Professor of Genetics at Stanford University in California. His talk will focus on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of human neurodegenerative diseases.
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Scientific Day

International symposium on genetic screening in health and big data

September 28, 2017
The CRCHUM will play host to Professor Andrew Z. Fire, the recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the 8th Scientific Day, which will take place on October 26th.
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Mado Desforges, Dre Marie-Pascale Pomey, Dre Michèle de Guise

Cancer treatment: Bringing patients onboard

September 26, 2017
In a new project, ex-patients will join oncology teams at six Quebec health institutions – a small revolution in health care.
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Guillaume Ferreira

Neurocognitive impact of early-onset obesity: evidence from animal models

September 22, 2017
On September 29, 2017, the CRCHUM Conferences invites Guillaume Ferreira, Research director at the National Institute of Agricultural Research in France. His talk will be about the neurocognitive impact of obesity in adolescents.
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Anne-Marie Mes-Masson and Pierrette Gaudreau

Anne-Marie Mes-Masson and Pierrette Gaudreau inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

September 21, 2017
Researchers Anne-Marie Mes-Masson and Pierrette Gaudreau were inducted as new Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) during an induction ceremony for the 52 new Fellows, which was held in Ottawa on September 14th.
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Julie Bruneau

$7.5M Grant for Opioid Research

September 19, 2017
The Government of Canada announced an investment of $7.5M in the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM). A quarter of this grant will be reserved for the Quebec-Maritimes Node, headed by Dr. Julie Bruneau, a doctor and researcher at the CRCHUM.
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Petronela Ancuta and Delphine Planas

HIV-AIDS: Following your gut

September 18, 2017
Researchers at the CRCHUM have discovered a way to slow viral replication in the gastrointestinal tract of people infected by HIV-AIDS. This advance, published last month in JCI Insight, might well lead to the development of a new therapeutic strategy to supplement antiretroviral therapy (ART), improving the control of viral replication in HIV-infected persons and preventing complications associated with chronic infection.
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Arash Grakoui

Host-driven alterations in gut microbiota and intrahepatic immune pathology

September 18, 2017
On September 22, 2017, the CRCHUM Conferences invites Arash Grakoui, Associate Professor at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. His talk will be about host-driven alterations in gut microbiota and intrahepatic immune pathology.
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