Aissaoui, Rachid

Ing., PhD

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Richard Aissaoui

Theme: Imaging and engineering
514 890-8000 ext. 24643

Principal Scientist


3D musculoskeletal modeling, osteoarthritis and cartilage modeling, rehabilitation engineering, gait analysis, inverse dynamics, spinal-cord injury (SCI), haptic device and virtual reality simulation, inertial measurement systems, electromyographie, digital human modeling.

Research interests

  • Gait analysis for knee osteoarthritis
  • Friction estimation in osteoarthritis knee using a poro-visco-elastic models
  • Assymetry in cerebro-vascular patient during gait walking
  • 3D kinematic modeling using quaternion algebra
  • Biomechanics of manual wheelchair propulsion in spinal-cord injury
  • Haptic Learing in SCI in wheelchair simulator 
  • Application of Virtual Environment in rehabilitation of cerebro-vascular accident patient
  • Developement of inertial sensors for gait analysis


Professor, Department of Automated Manufacturing Engineering, École de technolohie supérieure (ETS)

Associate Researcher, Institut de réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay-de-Montréal (IRGLM)