Boivin, Antoine


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Antoine Boivin

Theme: Health Innovation and Evaluation Hub

Principal Scientist

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Université de Montréal


Patient and public partnership, primary healthcare, health services and policy research, chronic disease and aging.

Research interests

We increasingly recognize that patients and members of the public are active partners in health. For example, the majority of care for people with chronic conditions is carried by patients themselves with support from caregivers and family members. Accordingly, health professionals are seeking new partnerships with patients and members of the public to improve our healthcare system. Such partnerships can include the co-design of health services with patients and clinicians, the co-creation of health innovations with researchers, working with patients to educate medical students in communication skills, and co-developing health policies with citizens and decision-makers.

Despite the potential benefits of patient and public partnership, it also faces considerable practical barriers including the risk of tokenistic involvement, power imbalance, and challenges in engaging with marginalized groups. In addition, very little research is conducted to ensure that patients and the public can meaningful impact on health and healthcare.

This is the challenge that Dr. Antoine Boivin is undertaking as Canada Research Chair in Patient and Public Partnership. The University of Montreal physician and CRCHUM researcher is working with a dynamic team of patients, caregivers, citizens, health professionals and researchers to advance the science of patient and public partnership. The Chair is developing local, national, and international research collaborations to leverage the experiential knowledge and collective expertise of patients and members of the public. Ultimately, this research program will increase our ability to improve healthcare together.


Montreal Public Health Research Institute (IRSPUM)